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Loyalty starts with "ME"

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

As the old saying goes “your health is your wealth”. If this is true, why are so many of us not loyal towards our own health and well-being? Many of us show loyalty towards brands however do not show the same loyalty to ourselves. Let's discuss the stages of customer loyalty and how it can translate into your well-being.

What can I do to be loyal to myself in order to improve and maintain my own well-being?

It's always good to have "ME" (Mindful Engagement) time, even if for only short periods per day. This "ME" time can provide the core ingredients to a happier and more content life. We all have time to check our phones, purchase items and chat with others throughout the day so why not allocate time to be loyal to yourself? Examples of activities during this time could be meditation through breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, exercise, dental / doctor checkups and showing more kindness towards others.

The typical stages of loyalty programs are:


Brands make you aware of their existence and a drive towards getting your loyalty with use of advertising campaigns, direct email’s and through their employee interactions.

So, how can you bring awareness to your current well-being needs? Here are some questions to ask yourself:

· What would I like to change or improve regarding my health and well-being?

· What makes me anxious or nervous?


Once you are aware of a brand, the next step is for them to get you to enroll and using their program which in turn begins your loyalty journey. This can be in the form of a phone app, websites or influencer sites.

The good news is you are fully in control when it comes to your own well-being. It takes determination and a promise to yourself in order to enroll. This is sometimes daunting as it can involve lots of change however be kind to yourself and take your time. We are all different and if you feel that you need extra support at this stage, you can join a group or class. This can be great for your own accountability to see it through.


When you are fully enrolled for a loyalty program, the brand then provides tasks, keeping you engaged with them. An example of this is purchasing a coffee and getting points towards a reward, or referring a friend to the program to earn more rewards. The key is to keep you engaged so you continue to purchase and show interest.

Focusing back on your own well-being, what engagement activities are required for you to meet your goals? Examples could be performing daily breathing exercises to relax more and reduce anxiety. Other activities could be doing more exercise or choosing healthier food options thus improving your health and energy.


We all love rewards, especially cash! This is a very common reward issued by loyalty programs. Some have an entire suite of rewards including movie tickets, competition entries, upgrade to new tier levels, coupons and discounts.

Regarding your well-being, if you enroll and engage over time, you will begin seeing the rewards. Whether that is weight loss, less anxiety or other better health, these rewards can give you a lift in daily life and the ability to have a positive outlook.


For consumers, the benefits of using a loyalty program are saving money, feeling appreciated and getting rewards.

If you remain loyal to your well-being, the benefits will come. You are now better equipped to live life the way you want which in turn makes you happier. Your health will improve, you will be able to better support your loved ones and friends, and have more "ME" time. There's also less risk of developing future health issues.


  • Identify how you would like to improve your well-being bringing awareness

  • Commit to yourself and enroll

  • Engage yourself daily to meet your goals

  • Reap the rewards

  • Enjoy the long term benefits

Loyalty to yourself starts now. When is your next "ME" time?


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