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Am I driving my loyalty communications or in cruise control?

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

"Treat others the way you would like to be treated" is certainly a phrase that is used widely nowadays. Why then is there sometimes such a disparity of feelings when we communicate with others? You may encounter issues at work or at home when communicating and wonder why this happens. Let's discuss what drivers are associated with loyalty, and how we can translate these into better communication in our everyday lives.

Who am I loyal to, and more importantly - why?

What brands are you loyal to? Are you emotionally connected to an old car, classic music you listened to growing up, or an old store on main street? If so, you are in good company! Many of us use nostalgic reasons to continue using a product. You may also use brands because they are reliable, priced well or have very catchy marketing communications and strategy.

Regarding your communications, it's very important to ask yourself "why" you wish to have a relationship with someone. Examples could be family members, friends, boss, partner, and people you deal with in everyday life.

Typical brand drivers are:

Emotional Benefits

Brands get involved with important life events such as birthdays and anniversaries. Their advertising reflects this and can sometimes pull at your heartstrings when communicating with you.

So, how can you identify what emotions come into play with your relationships and how you communicate these? Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What type of communication do I want with a person?

  • How often do I want to communicate?

  • Why do I want to communicate with them and what do I want to get out of it?


Does a product or service meet your expectation? You are less likely have trust if you have disappointment. There needs to be a quality level that is acceptable to you.

In your relationships, you need trust. Without trust, it will be an ongoing battle to communicate. It can sometimes take lots of determination to stay in contact with someone. Ultimately, the quality of communication will gain and maintain trust.

Customer Experience

Do you"Always" have a good experience with brands such as on an airline? Brands need to listen to customers and interact with them. When checking into a hotel, you should have an amazing customer experience from the moment you enter. Same goes if you call with a query or an issue. The agent on other end of phone needs to ensure you are happy by the end of the call.

Sometimes we like a brand however are not loyal to it. Focusing back on your own relationships, you may be in contact with someone however do not necessary want to be loyal to them. Examples could be a family member who you keep in contact with only because you are related. You may not be getting the best experience when communicating so do you need to improve your communication or call out the other person?


Customers notice how you make a product and how easy it is to use. Here's the challenge with loyalty: Many companies have a silo approach - different product teams can be going in different directions. For consumers, that can feel disjointed - mixed communications which can cause frustration. If you want to find out information, you can search Google. They make it that simple, right?

So, regarding your communications, keep them simple. Whether that is call, text or email, these communications can give you a lift in daily life and the ability to have a positive outlook.


It's important for companies to behave in the correct manner and mean it. For example, if companies lay off people without reason or show discrimination, then why should we remain loyal to them? Some consumers have values that need to be met, while others may decide on factors such as cost only and not be concerned with the values of the brand.

Values are so important to our communications. It's sometimes the tone we choose, rather than what is actually said. Email/text communications can be difficult and everyone perceives things differently so beware! Stay true to your values, and if you feel like there is a misunderstanding, contact the person directly and chat. They will appreciate your time and your relationship will grow.


Have you ever received a communication from a brand and then realized that it is automated? Chat bots can be the most frustrating type of communication. There seems to be a person at the other end of the communication however it's an automated script. Are there so many users nowadays that it's impossible to reach out individually? No! It's the responsibility of brands to work on their communication and at very least, personalize communication to you so it's applicable and personal.

At a Farmers Market, communication can be more personal as you can speak and build a relationship with the person behind the counter. Have you ever sent out a group email or text to a large amount of users? You may save time by doing so however, why should the person take notice? It's very important for you to decide what type of communication you need to make to your audience. It may take some thought, but over time it will strengthen your relationships. Personalization is something you should think about prior to communicating with others.


One of the benefits of using a loyalty program is feeling appreciated and receiving recognition. Everyone wants to feel special. Brands must earn loyalty from their consumers and maintain it. This can be in the form of rewards, or how brands interact.

If you remain loyal when communicating, the benefits will come. After reading through the loyalty drivers above, you are now better equipped to personalize how you communicate. You'll reap the benefits and increasingly receive recognition.


  • Identify what emotional attachment you have with a person.

  • Determine the quality of this relationship and if you need to improve it.

  • What experience do you want to have?

  • How easy is it to maintain the relationship?

  • Are your values in harmony?

  • How can you personalize the relationship and make it custom rather than generic?

  • Are you receiving desired recognition?

For all these drivers, consistency is very important. Loyalty to your communications starts now. You need to work at it. When will you start your engine and drive?


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