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ROM: Return on Myself

Let's beat missed intentions and focus on now

You are ok. Tell yourself that.

You are where you need to be.

Your past consists of memories now and you can control how you use them, it is good to be present and look at now.

When I speak with clients, a common theme is a general uneasiness and it is not usually caused directly by money or things in their immediate control however we work on small changes that provide short, medium, and longer-term happiness and make sense of things.

Other things then fall into place once the foundation is secured for the short to medium term.

Some short-term tips:

  1. When you start to think about the future too much, bring yourself back to now. Pick something and put it somewhere to focus on. This can be a chess piece, cup, plant, or something that you can relate to. When you drift to memories or the future, focus on this item and tell yourself that you have got this.

  2. When you decide to take an action, accept that you alone are responsible for carrying it out. You can however let someone else know that you trust and make yourself accountable to them for doing the action. You will be amazed how much more achievable things are when you have accountability. An example is going for a walk every day to keep fit. Organize friends to go for walks with or track it in an app so friends can see (this works great for Peloton also).

  3. If you feel stuck, use the point above to look at your object and think of other perspectives. Example: I hate my job. Perspective: this will not be forever, I can start to look for other options. Your Saboteurs will be telling you that you have no time. You do however have time to watch YouTube, TV, Social media etc. We all do this and you are not unique. Find the time.

  4. Invest in yourself. If you work and your company does not pay for services that you require, find a way to pay. This has always worked for me.

I offer FREE 30-minute consultations to help you work out what areas to focus on and prioritize. There is an option then to continue this relationship. I am on your side and have been in your shoes. if you are interested, click link below:


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