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Frequently asked questions

  • What is a life coach?
    A life coach is a professional who helps you make progress in your life in order to attain greater fulfillment. Life coaches aid their clients in improving their relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives. They can help you clarify your goals, identify the obstacles holding you back, and then come up with strategies for overcoming each obstacle. As a life coach, I will help you set achievable goals with accountability for both your personal and professional life. I will guide you and help you provide solutions and answers to challenges that you may have
  • How long does coaching take?
    This is up to you depending on your required challenges and once you succeed in one area, you may want to look at another. My aim is to enable you to succeed in areas without a coach rather than on an ongoing basis. Of course, it can be ongoing if required however I want to provide you with the tools to move forward while utilizing the value of the sessions already taken.
  • How confidential is the coaching?
    Anything discussed during our sessions is confidential and I encourage you to be open and have trust in me. You do have the option to loop others in such as if a work focus however this all happens with your request and permission.
  • Do I need life coaching rather than therapy?
    Life coaching is not therapy. Coaching will enable you with the tools to help move forward however it does not explain behaviors. Both methods can compliment each other.
  • What is your coaching style?
    As a coach, I am an open book. I will aim to build trust with you quickly and I want to provide a safe environment for us to work. I will always support you and will not judge. My background is also in solutions so I can help guide you to dins the right answers by challenging in a fun and enjoyable way for us both.
  • Who needs a life coach?
    Interesting question! It can be people from any walk of life. As it is confidential, you may already know lots of people who have a life coach however you will never know. My clients come to me due to the need to change something in their life whether personal or business, sometimes both. If lifes challenges were easy, we would all clear them up quickly. We all need help and support.
  • What is the process for me to look into life coaching more?
    You are here now so that is a great start! Once you initially go to reach out to me, you will be asked some general questions before we schedule a consultation. This will help me prepare for the meeting with you and add value straight away. This consultation is free of charge. If you decide to sign up and pick a pricing option, we will meet at a regular cadence at your convenience where I will guide you and lead through topics that we identify that need to be discussed. At the end of each session, I will set you some achievable challenges which you can accept or decline and I will also send you notes from the session. You will also have access to a client portal on this site which will have secure information for you to view.
  • What results can I expect from the coaching?
    This differs for each person. My clients typically have some common outcomes. You will gain more confidence and knowledge at managing items and will always have me on your side. Therefore, meeting goals should come easier for you, especially ones that you have had on hold for a while. Due to better decision making, you should have better work/life balance and prioritization.
  • What is the availability for coaching?
    I work with my clients on coaching sessions Monday to Thursday from 7 am-3 pm pst. Fridays are allocated to group and milestone sessions which we can discuss during the consultation. The availability is on-demand however I can have a wait list for cancelations if there is nothing sooner than you require.
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