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Deneene Bell

Wellness Company Owner

Guerneville, CA

Neil's kind and keen attention as a coach has helped me navigate both personal and professional challenges with great success. With skillful listening, mindful methodologies, and compassionate guidance, he helps me to reflect upon and reframe my perspective and path forward in ways that feel both validating and encouraging.

Najib Zaki

Teacher/Translator/Culture Advisor

Sacramento, CA

I had the pleasure of working with Neil. He was a game-changer for me. When I first started job interviews in the United States, I was like a fish out of water. In just a few months Neil helped me to find out my core strengths and stand out in the crowd. Neil is dedicated to helping and motivating others. If you ever feel like you need a personal life or career coach, reach out to Neil. He is an amazing coach. I appreciate his efforts and hard work in helping others to stand on their own feet.

Eva McManus

Dog Groomer / Actress

Belfast, NI

"Neil is my uncle. I am grateful that I have him in my life. I am so happy to see him every time he comes home and I like to hear his stories about Larry David and I am so excited to be on his website"

Kyle Floro

VP, Sales & Business Development

Toronto, ON

I had the pleasure to work with Neil and can attest to his dedication and commitment to helping others achieve their full potential.

Neil possess a unique ability to listen attentively and see the big picture, as well as his decades of experience working with and leading individuals allows Neil to provide guidance that is both practical and motivating. His enthusiasm for helping others is unmatched.

Anastasia Koshelenko

Student Assistant

Pacifica, Ca

Neil is great at explaining intricacies of a job search and interviewing in a approachable easily digestable manner and making it personalized adressing unique issues. I am an international student and before a lot of standard interview questions did really confuse me and I felt like I was missing important questions. After talking to Neil I felt like everything that confused me before fell in place, and on my second interview I was able to land my first job. I couldn't recommend anybody more, especially if you new to America or looking for a job altogether.

Ginny Sweeney

Sales Executive

Kansas, Mo

I worked with Neil for the past year and he made my job so easy. His expertise in all things technical plus his friendly communication style helped me tremendously to win and help more customers. He is a passionate listener, gifted questioner, who truly cares about helping individuals and guiding them to the best version of themselves. I recommend you reach out to see how Neil can help you achieve the most rewarding career and happiness in your life!

Murilo Dias

Software Developer

Dublin, IE

Neil is a very polite and positive person. I really enjoyed talking to him. He has a good approach to mentoring and coaching people and I’ve had success every time I’ve taken advice from him. I can say that I learned a lot working with him and still learning.

Larry David

Boston Terrier

Guerneville, CA

"My daddy is the best! He taught me how to sit and potty outside. He coaches me to not jump on people when they come over to pet me (though I still do on occasion). He brings me to lots of places and my favorite place is Armstrong Woods in Guerneville close to my house.

Naqibullah Habibi

Mechanical Engineer

Fremont, CA

"It was great working with Neil. He was really supportive for me. In just a few months I have learnt a lot from him about job interview skills, resume making, cover letter, using LinkedIn, finding a job and communication in the United States. Neil has good approach and expertise to monitoring and coaching people. I want to thank him for his help in my technical growth. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking professional development."

Lindsay Terhune

Enterprise Account Executive

Denver, CO

"I had the pleasure to work with Neil last year, and his technical prowess and attention to detail is unparalleled. He is extremely hard working, intelligent, and thoughtful in his approach to customers. I cannot recommend working with Neil enough."

Brandt Slivken

Sr Solutions Architect

Louisville, CO

After a recent layoff event, I started to work my network and submit job applications, but found that I was not excited about many of the opportunities where I secured interviews. Neil and I spent time together over several sessions discussing my career interests, my core strengths, where I find passion in work, as well the type of culture where I naturally "thrive". Neil's insights and coaching were beneficial as I navigated through the process of securing a new role. Neil is gifted in his ability to listen, question and guide based on the feedback that I gave to help me ultimately find my best path forward. I recommend anyone who is a bit "stuck" in their career track to reach out and work with Neil.

Oleksandr Okolovskyi

Video Production Specialist

Austin, TX

"I had the pleasure of working with Neil, a friendly and skilled coach, who prepared me for an interview in the United States. As an immigrant with limited English language proficiency, I was unsure of how to navigate the interview process. However, Neil's expertise and guidance proved to be invaluable. He tailored the sessions to my needs, focusing on communication skills and interview techniques. Thanks to his help, I was able to successfully land the job. I am grateful for Neil's patient and supportive coaching style, and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking professional development."

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